July 25, 2015

24938229Secret is the new novel by Kindle Alexander and as with all their novels, it is all about romance, love and sweetness. I really like the stories because of this, but sometimes it is a little romance overdose. So beware of that if you want to read this.

Tristan Wilder is a self made millionaire and the CEO of Wilder-Nation, a highly lucrative tech company. He is on the verge of a major buy out of Secret, a very successful media site on the internet. The owner and developer of Secret is Dylan Reeves, starting the company in his own garage and build it out into one of the biggest things today. The Wilder buy out will make him a millionaire and have him set for life. His wife and children are very supportive of him in this adventure.

But when Tristan and Dylan meet each other, the mutual attraction is clear to both of them. Tristan is very interested in Dylan and tries to make him see that. Dylan is married but has been living a secret life for years. When he meets Tristan his boundaries start to blur and what he wants and needs is not so clear anymore as it once was. Both men are consumed with reckless desires, wants and needs that leave no room for anything else.

And all the time the buy out continues in the background, something they cannot endanger with a secret affair. If the press gets wind of it, the damage can never be undone. And what would his kids think, finding out their father has been gay all his life?

Slowly but surely things get hotter and hotter, ending in a climax where everyone has to make a choice and decide what they want, how they want it and with whom they want it. Will Tristan and Dylan find happiness? What will happen to Dylan’s marriage? And what happens when his children learn the truth?

I have to say I really really liked this book. The romance is hot, the sex is good and I liked the tech background in all of it. And discovering the secret Dylan has been keeping all his life was somewhat of a shock to me. I have to say I didn’t see that one coming. Thumbs up to you Kindle Alexander for writing another brilliant book.

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