Selfie – Bluewater Bay #13

May 23, 2016

27994185Selfie is the latest novel by Amy Lane and also the latest addition to the Bluewater Bay series. A whole range of different stories, but all playing in the fictional town of Bluewater Bay, somewhere in a beautiful part of the USA. If I ever am able to find out where this place is, I really want to go there. Earlier on I already participated in the blogtour for this novel, but shortly after that I actually read the story and fell in love even more.

Connor Montgomery is an actor with one very big secret. He is gay and has been in a relationship with another man for a long time. But too the outside world they are just very close friends and nothing more. But when his partner is killed by a drunk driver there is no one he can turn to with his grief and sorrow. A lifetime of secrets and lies will get you that. So a year after Vinnie died, Connor tapes a drunken confession and posts it on Youtube. Fortunately it is a silent movie, but it is enough to get all the rumors flying again.

Connor wants a new start and when he is offered a new role in the tv show Wolfs Landing, he jumps at the chance. And so he travels down to the little town of Bluewater Bay and settles in for this new role.

But when the studio assigns him an assistant, Noah Dakers seems to be just what Connor needs. Young, charming and full of life, Noah quickly breaks through the facade Connor has build around his heart. But will Connor be able to let Vinnie go and start a new life? And what will happen when he actually comes out?

OMG I so loved this story from beginning to end. I felt deeply for Connor and all his troubles. It must be very hard to loose someone you love and never be able to share it with anyone. The more secrets and lies you build, the harder it will be to actually show people who you are and what you want. Amy Lane very cleverly builds a story that sucks you in and never lets you go until it is finished. Please, I need more Bluewater Bay in my life !!!

You can find Amy Lane’s personal site here. This novel is for sale at Amazon¬†and Riptide Publishing.


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