Selling It

June 12, 2016

29989584Selling It is a short story by Sara York, recently republished with a new cover. It was the first time I learned about the story and I liked it very much. It is a small murder mystery combined with a love story and it seems to be working very well. It was a quick read, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Blaine Wilson is a police officer in the DC force and he has one very big secret, he is gay. Whenever he feels the need to act on his desires he make sure he goes far away into a place where he will never meet anyone he knows. Blaine used to be a teen prostitute in the past and he still has the scars it left him. So he is determined to keep that part of his life private.

But when he meets Andy everything changes. For the first time in a long time he feels things he thought gone for a long time. And it forces him to rethink a lot of things. He comes out at work and is forced to tell his captain about the things that happened in the past. Will their love be strong enough to survive all that? And why is Blaine’s female partner so determined to get him a girlfriend?

And then it seems there is a killer in town, looking for Andy and two of his friends. Nobody knows who he is or why he wants Andy, but it threatens everything Andy loves and holds dear. He will need Blaine and their love now more than ever, or he might not even survive.

Now I have to say the story wasn’t all bad. A decent mystery, two guys falling in love, what more could anyone want. But how credible is it that someone is literally crying in their pillow from wanting someone so much, after seeing that person only once or twice? I can understand instant attraction and love at first sight, but this seems to be a little much for me.

Never the less, great story and it will give you a nice read.

You can find Sara York’s personal page here. This story is for sale at Amazon.


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