April 11, 2015

Signs is a novel by Anna Martin and deals with romance in a not everyday setting. Two boys meet each other on line and fall for each other, but the catch is that 1 of the boys is deaf. I can imagine that would make meeting someone even more hard than it already is. However Anna Martin does a great job in this book and I absolutely loved it !! Writing stories about disabled people is harder than writing about “normal” people, but it really works in this book. Caleb never comes off as needy or sad, he learns to accept his condition and how to live with it.

Caleb Stone is a deaf teenager who really want to be normal. He started out in special schools but finally convinced his parents to put him in a normal school. He has closed himself from the world speaking shorthand with his parents. He tries to fit in to the deaf community, put finds it very hard to speak American Sign Language (ASL) with them. He mostly expresses himself online and throuhg his photography. Recently he started a Tumblr account to make his work known to the world.

In New York City, Luc Le Bautillier scrolls through Tumblr, finds the picture Caleb posted and reblogs it. That starts a conversation between the two boys, one thing leading to another. Pretty soon they fall in love and than things really start changing for both of them.

I have no personal experience with deaf people, but the story makes it real easy to understand it and you can really imagine what someone like that must go through. Once I got started I just could not stop reading until it was finished. This book is absolutely great and I really recommend it to anyone.

One small point of critique perhaps, the story ended a bit too soon for me. Personally I really hope there will be a sequel to the story, so we will know what happens after this book.

You can find Anna Martin’s personal page here¬†or follow her on Twitter right here.

If you want to know more about American Sign Language, read the Wikipedia page here.

If you want to learn American Sign Language, we recommend the site Handspeak.


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