Sixty Five Hours

August 25, 2015

26001845Sixty Five Hours is a novel by N.R. Walker originally published as a fan fiction. It is now re written and published with a different cover than the original. Nothing has changed in the story, so it doesn’t matter which version you read.

As with all N.R. Walker stories so far I loved this one. It was sweet, romantic and very easy to read. If you are looking for romance, this is the one for you. Some slight feet fetish and sock fetish, but not too much.

Cameron Fletcher and Lucas Hensley both work for the same advertising agency, owned by Lucas’ father. One Friday afternoon he calls both men into his office and gives them sixty five hours to come up with the campaign of their lives, to lure in a new client. They will be working all weekend and very close together.

The two men don’t seem to get along, but now they must find a way to work together, not kill each other and come up with a great plan. The campaign is for a condom brand, that also creates sextoys and other things to use in the bedroom.

Cameron is an out and proud gay man, never hiding who he is or what he wants. When he was hired in the company he made it clear they should never judge him for being gay, only for doing what he needs to do. Lucas seems to be annoyed by this, but his father decides to hire Cameron anyway.

But what nobody knows is that Lucas has a secret, a very big secret. And he is afraid to tell anyone about it or do anything with it. And now he is forced to work close with the man he secretly admires and he has to make sure his secret doesn’t get out. Will he be able to do that or not? And what will happen when it does come out?

Many people referred to the original cover for this story as “butt ugly” and I have to agree with that. I know it is meant as a play on the sock fetish inside, but the new cover works far better for me. So 16145400good choice on that one.

N.R. Walker is by far one of my favorite authors in this genre and so far she has not failed me yet. I really really like this story and I am sure I will read it again and again and never feel sorry for it.

N.R. Walkers personal site can be found here. This book (with the new cover) is for sale at Amazon.

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