Sketches of the Wigwam

September 6, 2015

25656803Sketches of the Wigwam by Mack Moyer was send to me by the author requesting a review. And although I am not into horror novels that much, I decided to give this one a go. Luckily it is not a big book, so you can read it quite fast. The story is simple and easy to understand.

Billy spend a part of his childhood living with his nephew and uncle in a big house near Indian Hills. In his time there he learned the story of the Wigwam, a supposedly evil entity wondering around in the hills, killing people all around. There were times Bill was sure he saw the Wigwam for real. But Billy was always sure the Wigwam was just a part of his imagination and was in no way a real thing.

But then Billy receives a call from his nephew, inviting him and his girlfriend to come back to the house for a last weekend, just before the house is sold. Billy decides to go and make a weekend of it. As soon as they arrive every little repressed memory of his childhood returns to him.

And worst of all, the Wigwam turns out to be very real and it hasn’t forgotten Billy. The one that got away and has now returned. A long game of hunting starts and soon Billy is isolated on the mountain and forced to face his childhood fears again. And this time he may not come out alive…

It took me some time to get into the story, but once I did I finished it in a few hours. Billy is a constant drunk, smoking like crazy and has a crude sense of humor that took me a little while to get used to. And as I said before horror novels are not my thing at all.

That being said, the story also disappointed me in some ways. It was never really scary at all, just when things started to get there, something happened that completely changed the scenery and it was gone. But don’t let that stop you, there was enough excitement to keep you going.

When Billy returns to Indian Hills, he unwittingly awakens the Dark Lord of the Mountain. Billy barely escaped the Wigwam when he was a child and now as an adult — albeit one incapable of holding a steady job or staying sober — he’s convinced the beast is just a figment of his imagination.

Well, he’s wrong.

The Wigwam, a skeletal entity of untold cruelty seemingly made from the shadows, remembers Billy very well. The Wigwam can manipulate the woods, holds two undead boys as pets and is remorseless in his hunt.

Armed only with sarcasm, a full pack of smokes and as many beers as he can find, Billy once again faces off against the creature from his childhood.

You can find Mack Moyer’s personal website here. The book is for sale at Amazon.


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