Skye & Colin

April 15, 2015

Skye & Colin is the latest novel by Mark A. Roeder and if it is up to me, it will the very last by this author. I have said it in the past and I will say it again, these books are bordering on annoying to me.

I mean, boys that talk to ghosts? Boys with superpowers? Boys who have all kinds of secrets that they will never tell about, but keep hinting at all the time? A story that reads like it was written by a high school kid? Diamonds that you just have and make you incredibly rich? As all other Roeder books, this one fits in the Gay Youth Chronicles series set in the fictional town of Verona. A little town where pretty much everyone is gay, bi or at the very least curious and willing to try. And all boys are always lusting after each other and constantly going around with hard ons or in a state of arousal.

Skye is uncle to Colin, but he has always thought of Colin like his son. Then one day Colin and his parents (Skye’s sister and her husband) are involved in a car accident and both parents die. In her will, custody of Colin is given to Skye and they must learn to deal with it. Colin has always looked up to his uncle and admires him very much. Just like his uncle he wants to protect the innocent from the bullies, and he must learn to fight to do so.

I finished the book, but it took some effort. When I first started reading M-M romance I was quite in to Roeder books, but that seems to have past. I am sure someone will like them, but I am over them. Sorry Mr Roeder…..

The official site for Mark Roeder can be found here. An earlier review for a Roeder book can be found here.

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