Sleigh Ride – Minnesota Christmas #2

December 4, 2015

22055733Sleigh Ride is the second part in the Minnesota Christmas series by Heidi Cullinan. Also set in the same small town, but this time focusing on another member of the lumberjack team. Frankie and Marcus, wo we met in part 1 are also in the story, but only as secondary characters. They are living together and are very happy together. Marcus reopened his law practice in town and Frankie started his own salon, taking care of all the people in town.

In the second part we meet Arthur Anderson, a fiery redhead and quite recently “dumped” by his “boyfriend” Paul. Of course they never were really together, but just fuckbuddies. So when Paul decides it is enough, he moves out and leaves Arthur alone. Arthur doesn’t want anything to do with love and romance ever again, he decides it is not for him anymore.

So when his mother is pushing him to be the Santa in her fundraising scheme, he most certainly doesn’t want to do it. Especially since it is an obvious scheme to push him together with Gabriel Higgins, the towns librarian, who is very obviously gay and nerdy.

But when he gets to know the man behind the librarian, he does feel a little charmed with the man. And it couldn’t hurt to help the man in making a few friends around town, now could it?

Both men insist they are not dating and they will never date together, but slowly and surely they are getting in to each others hearts. They learn there is more to the other one than whats on the surface and maybe they need to rethink this whole “we are not dating thing”.

Arthur and Gabriel need to trust each other and talk about whatever they like, don’t like or want to do in their lives. It takes a lot of talking, dating and crying to get where they want to be. So will it all work out in the end?

I loved part 2 in the series just as much as I loved part 1, so I have high hopes for part 3 which is due to be out soon. And of course I really recommend everyone to read this and re read it many times.

You can find Heidi Cullinan’s website here. This book is for sale at Samhain Publishing, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon US and Amazon UK.


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