Somebody Nice!

February 21, 2015

Danny is 35 years old and lives with his 7 year old daughter. What he really wants is a man in his life, but he hasn’t even told his daughter he is gay. And now his daughter is trying to find him a girlfriend by placing an on line ad on the internet.

Secretly Danny has been dating the hot librarian at his daughters school, but nobody knows about it. Should he tell his daughter about it or not?

This story is one that came out of a contest that runs regularly on the M/M Romance Group. The idea is they place a picture online and then encourage people to write a story about the picture, what might happen and what the person or persons in the picture want and need.

I liked the story but it was a bit on the easy side. Nothing really exciting happened and everything seemed to go smooth and easy. So if you are in to that kind of thing, please do read this story.


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