Sometimes Love Lasts

July 6, 2016

29627047Sometimes Love Lasts is the new novel by Jake Wells. It deals with matters of homophobia, secret crushes and maybe finding out that love really does last longer than you might think. I found the story to be sweet and very romantic. It kind of plays of on the jock-nerd theme and we all know how much I love that….

Rone Forrester is a high school student, doing all the things he is supposed to be doing. He is intelligent, good looking and athletic, but still happiness seems to elude him every time. His mother recently died of cancer, his father is a tyrant and Rone takes care of his little brother all the time. Because if he doesn’t that who does? And because life is never easy Rone starts developing romantic feelings for his best friend Carson Harrington.

Rone really wants to be a doctor and he is determined to make that happen. So when a little accident forces him to come out, his homophobic father and general shame make Rone run away and leave everything behind. He wants to start a new life in Los Angeles, but quickly learns that life there isn’t easy at all. And he feels really guilty for leaving his brother behind.

So as time passes by Rone learns that friends can be found anywhere and that he needs to start trusting people if he wants to get anywhere in life. Still determined to be a doctor he fights to get to his goal, no matter what the cost.

But as it always does, life and the past catch up with Rone. When he runs into Carson again after so many years, what will happen? Will they have a chance in life or is the love Rone feels only one way. And then his little brother calls upon him in times of need and he might just get back everything he lost. Is Rone able to handle all this?

I’d almost forgotten the exchange had even taken place when, a half hour later, Oliver appeared under the shade of our umbrella. He was even better looking than I imagined. He had a full head of straight brown hair accented by gold highlights that appeared to have been meticulously applied by the sun and chlorine. Deep dimples framed a perfect smile above which danced sparkling grey-blue eyes. His body was lean and muscular like you’d expect to see on a competitive swimmer. My friends all fell silent. They tried to pretend that they barely noticed Oliver’s arrival but I could see them trying to inconspicuously jab one another under the table to make sure no one interrupted Oliver when he began to speak.

Appreciating that he now had a captive audience, Oliver attempted to appear as if he wasn’t self-conscious. “Hey!” He extended his hand to me. “I’m Oliver. Oliver Mendoza.” He tried to pull off a cool demeanor.

I reached over and our hands grasp in a firm shake. “Rone. Pleased to meet you.”

Oliver continued to try to appear bold. “So, what are you drinking?”

Before I could even start to answer, Jacob, one of my more boisterous friends, blurted out, “Whatever you’re serving.”

His comment caused a chorus of snickers from my circle of friends but Oliver was impressively unscathed. He gave Jacob a brief turned up grin but immediately returned his attention to me.

Regrettably however, the fact that Oliver had even looked at Jacob only served to further encourage him. “He’s drinking a Cadillac Margarita. Rocks, no salt. Or, if you want to make him really happy, hold the margarita completely. Just get his rocks off.”

As far as I could tell Jake Wells has no personal page. This novel is for sale at Amazon.

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