Spencer Cohen, Book 1 – The Spencer Cohen Series #1

February 18, 2016

28436109Spencer Cohen is a new book series by N.R. Walker, one of my all time favorite authors to date as you all know. She was kind enough to let me read this book as an ARC and I have fallen in love all over again, I am telling you right now. After writing the Red Dirt Heart Series there was a small dip with the Cronins Key series, but this one more than makes up for it. I loved this first part and cannot wait for more.

Spencer Cohen recently moved from Australia to the USA. To make some money he has made a business out of getting answers in your relationship. When you hire him, he will play the role of your new lover. The reason is to either make your ex jealous and want you back or to make sure your ex has dumped you for the right reason. Either way, you get an answer about where you stand with your ex lover. The ex would want you back or just walk away, so you knew where you stood.

The whole business rests on Spencer never really falling in love with one of his clients of course. And so far he has managed to do that. But what happens one day when Spencer cannot keep his heart out of it?

Andrew Landon is a guy left by his ex. He wants to know why and so his sister hires Spencer to get an answer. Or even try to get the ex back with Andrew again. But when Spencer lays eyes on Andrew for the first time, he knows he is in trouble for real….. Will he be able to keep his heart out of the matter and help Andrew the best way possible, or will he go for personal gain? Even his friends can’t help him this time, they can see the outcome a mile away.

I really must say this is a whole new way of approaching a story and I like it. I have never before read about this kind of work, but I can imagine such a thing would exist for real. I guess we have all been dumped at some time in our lives and we never knew how or why. Frankly it surprises me that such a thing hasn’t been invented yet. So far two more books have been announced both to come out in 2016 and if they are all as good as this one, I cannot wait. I so very highly recommend this book to everyone !!

You can find N.R. Walkers personal website here. This book is for sale at Amazon (pre order until February 18, 2016).



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