Stuff – The Bristol Collection #2

May 13, 2015

Stuff is part 2 in The Bristol Collection. Somehow I always seem to read number 2 before I read number 1, and in these case there is no difference. From what I gather, the series is about people who have a problem with too much stuff in their house or in their lives. Then someone comes along to fix the problem and they fall in love in the proces.

In this story Tobias Maslin gets fired from his job and loses his house, all in the same day. Wondering what to do now he walks around town. Then he runs into a vintage clothing store, owned by Perry Cavendish-Fiennes. Perry is very shy and in desperate need of a salesman for all his stuff. Tobias and Perry find each other over this and they decide to make the shop a succes together. And of course they fall in love in the same time. But Perry still maintains he is straight and “doesn’t swing that way” Tobias is sure he will get there in time….

The story is not bad, but I found it to be a bit long here and there. Nothing really excited happened ever and the story just sort of flowed to the end. There were points where I wanted to scream at those 2 guys to get their act together and move on already. And there is to much focus on the store, it seems they hardly ever leave the place. Don’t they go shopping or do other fun stuff?

The characters from book 1 are also in book 2, al be it on a sideline. They are closest friends to Tobias and occasionally show up in the story.

So not a bad read, but don’t expect anything really exciting…… Josephine Myles personal site can be found here for more information.

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