Until September
Blogtour , Bookteaser / February 9, 2016

Until September is the new novel by author Chris Scully. Riptide Publishing was again kind enough to make me partner in the blog tour for this book, so I urge each and everyone of you to buy this book. Plus if you leave a comment on this post you might win a $20 Riptide gift certificate. Hello! I’m Chris Scully. I’m thrilled to welcome you to my Until September blog tour! Join me at various tour stops, where I’ll be sharing some of the background of this novel, my thoughts on writing, and more. Comment on each stop to be entered in a drawing for a $20 Riptide gift certificate. Thanks for joining me on the tour! About Until September As a teenager, Archie Noblesse clawed his way out of the poverty, heartache, and abuse of the reservation and left his family behind. Desperate to shake the shadow of his past, he reinvents himself as Archer Noble, an outspoken blogger and controversial author who lives only for himself. But when his beloved sister dies, Archer is saddled with guardianship of his niece and nephew. Elementary school teacher Ryan Eriksson is devastated when his best friend Marguerite is killed, leaving her…

The Law of Attraction
Blogtour , Bookreview , Bookteaser / February 5, 2016

The Law of Attraction is the latest novel by Jay Northcote, one of my all time favorite authors to date. She was kind enough to let me read this book as an ARC, so I could write a review before the book is published. I have loved each and every single book Jay wrote and this one is no difference. All I can say is WOW, what a great novel !! Once I started I just had to go on until the end, there was no stopping me at all. Ed and Alec are perfect together and this book was just sizzling with love and romance. If you ever loved any book of Jay, I sincerely urge you to buy this one and fall in love all over again. All information below is provided by the author. Blurb When a professional relationship turns personal, it’s impossible to resist the law of attraction. Alec Rowland is a high-flying lawyer in a London firm whose career is his life. He doesn’t have time for relationships and his sexuality is a closely guarded secret. After picking up a cute guy on a Friday night, Alec’s world is rocked to its foundations when his…

The Backup
Blogtour , Bookteaser / January 29, 2016

The Backup is the new novel by Erica Kudisch and once again I am proud that Riptide Publishing asked me to be a part of the blogtour for this book. After reading only the blurb for this book it sounds to me like a great story that I think everyone should buy and read asap. Hi all! Erica Kudisch here, promoting my debut novel THE BACKUP, queer urban fantasy with a side of myth and music. Thanks so much for keeping up with the blog tour! Be sure to swing by the other stops for awesome multimedia content and a $50 prize package giveaway! About The Backup I’m supposed to be better than this. I’m supposed to have a tenure-track job teaching music history to undergrads, writing papers about Bach, and proving to kids like me that you can work your way out of Harlem. I’m not supposed to be following a rock star around the country, fetching his mail, making sure his groupies are of age. I’m definitely not supposed to be sleeping with said rock star, who claims to be the Greek God Dionysus. At first I thought it was a load of crap. Nik’s fans might think…

Rock N Soul
Blogtour , Bookteaser / January 21, 2016

Rock N Soul is the debut novel by Lauren Sattersby. Riptide Publishing has asked me to part of the blogtour for the book and of course I gladly accepted. The book sounds great and I urge you all to buy it, read it and let me know what you think. Hi, I’m Lauren Sattersby, and this is the blog tour for my very first novel, Rock N Soul! I’ll be featured on various blogs over the course of the tour, and I’ll be sharing deleted scenes, playlists, answers to questions, and some of my thoughts on what it’s like to write a ghost story and make it both hot and romantic. Comment on each spot to be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card to buy some books from Riptide Publishing! About Rock N Soul I’m Tyler Lindsey, and until recently, I had an okay apartment, an okay girlfriend, and an okay job as a bellboy at a respectable Boston hotel. Then rock star Chris Raiden died right before I brought his room service—stiffing me on the tip, by the way—and my life went to hell. My fifteen minutes of fame was more like five seconds, and my girlfriend left me in disgust….