Play On – Glasgow Lads #0.5
Bookreview / December 23, 2015

Play On is the first novel in the new Glasgow Lads series by Avery Cockburn (I really do hope it is an alias). The series is made up of several books who can all be read separately but are set in the same background. We focus on an LGBT soccer team in Glasgow where all team members find love one by one. And this first one is a major promise for the rest to come…. Duncan Harris is a member of a LGBT soccer team, out and proud. But now his team is ripped apart by scandal and trouble. Their captain deserted them in the sight of victory and now they need a way to find each other again or lose the team forever. And for Duncan there is only one person who can ground him again and bring him back to where he needs to be. Brodie Campbell was bullied by his schoolmates in a small village, so he was really deep in the closet when he came out to Glasgow. Once at the university he came out and is now proud of what he is and who he is. But all the abuse has left mental scars that…

After School Activities
Bookreview / April 1, 2015

After School Activities is a novel by Dirk Hunter, the first of this author I read. But if all other stories are like this one, it won’t be the last. The story is good, sweet and romantic, but could use a little work here and there in my opinion. In the story we meet Dylan O’Connor, gay, out and proud. He has a secret crush on the guy that has been tormenting him for as long as he can remember, two best friends who would do anything for him. But then one day, life decides to change around on Dylan. His secret crush Adam turns to him for help and reveals a secret he has never told anyone. Maybe this guy is not so shallow as we all think? And his best friend Kai suddenly makes a move on him and they end up in bed together. Yes it is nice and horny, but is it what Dylan really wants? For the first time in his life Dylan has to decide what he wants in his life and from the men in his life? Will he give Adam a chance? Will the friendship with Kai survive? And what is wrong…

Joey’s Choice
Bookreview / February 26, 2015

I understand why this book is important, really I do. Suicide is always  a very sad thing and especially when someone decides to do it because they don’t feel accepted for what and who they are. But I am sorry to say, this book is just really really bad. This is the first Piper Kay book I have ever read, but if they are all this bad… In this book we meet 17 year old Joey. He doesn’t feel accepted and he thinks the world and everyone he knows would be better of without him. So one night he decides to take his own life. But just before he does, a mysterious boy walks in to his room and talks him out of it. Joey has a role in life and in the future people will depend on him. About a year later he meets the same boy that stopped him from taking his own life. He turns out to be another boy who also needs help, which Joey can provide. Judging by the ratings, people all over the world are crazy about this book, praising it to high heaven all over. But I just don’t see it I guess….