Daddy by Default
Bookreview / January 9, 2017

Daddy by Default is the new novel by Shawn Bailey. What would you do if you wanted to have children someday maybe, but then all of a sudden a child is in your hands and you have to take care of it because you have no choice. Derek Webster loves his little sister Ashlynn to death, but when she is involved in  a car crash he rushes to her side in the hospital. He learns that she is pregnant and they managed to save the child, but she didn’t make it. And so Derek becomes the guardian of his nephew and quickly learns a child is killing for your social life. Will he ever find a man willing to deal with not only him, but with the child as well? Chance Richards has everything he wants, including a great job and a wonderful family. All he needs right now is a relation with the perfect guy and his life will be complete. So when he meets Derek, he just knows he found the one. But Derek has a six month old baby to take care of and that just might interfere with plans. I liked the story, but it all…

Key To His Heart
Bookreview / July 4, 2016

Key To His Heart is the new novel by Trina Solet and is all about the budding love between a manager and his young assistant. Forbidden because of work ethics, but unstoppable in the end. I enjoyed the story so very much, even though there was a little boy in the story. Usually I don’t like stories with children, but this one I could handle. Philip Morton is a young executive, very disciplined and methodical in his work. He likes things done a certain way and everyone needs to bend to his wishes. But one day he receives news that his brother died and might have left a kid behind. Philip is desperate to find the child, if it even exists and takes his new assistant Leon with him on the search. Leon is new to his job, but Philip needs him to keep him grounded and sane. The child turns out to be very real and is currently living with an older relative, who tries her best but can’t really take care of him like it should. Philip wants to be a part of the young boys life but doesn’t know how. He has never had a child before…

A Taste of Love – Of Love #1
Bookreview / November 3, 2015

A Taste of Love is a book by Andrew Grey and part of the Of Love series. Every book in the series is set in a place that has to do with food. A restaurant, a bakery or some other place, all food related. I kind of like it when stories revolve around the same theme, it binds them together and provides for a better background. In this first book we meet Darryl Hansen who has recently opened up the Cafe Belgie, where he wants to serve honest and good food. The restaurant is a great succes from the start and pretty soon the work is getting too much for them. So Darryl hires Billy Weaver. Billy Weaver is desperately seeking a job, he is willing to do anything. So when Darryl hires him he is determined to prove his worth. He works hard and soon gains everyones respect. But Billy also cannot keep his eyes of his new boss, he really really likes the man. Darryl notices the looks Billy is sending his way, but he is afraid to act on them. Billy is so much younger than him and because of a dark secret in Darryls past, he…

Firemen, Flames and Fettuccine – Love’s First Response #2
Bookreview / May 11, 2015

Firemen, Flames and Fettuccine is part 2 in the Love’s First Response series by Sara York. The series is all about people in first response jobs like firefighters, cops and medics. It is in these dangerous jobs they find love in unexpected places. In part 2 we meet Grady Madison, a firefighter who was forced out of the closet at his last station. Because of that he was forced to change stations and has to find himself again. He volunteers at a kids party, where his eye falls on Paul Sessa. Paul owns a restaurant in town and has a daughter he has to take care of. Because of that he thinks he will never find a man in his life, because what men would want a man with a child? Grady is dressed up as a clown and thinks Paul will never go for him and will think he is stupid. But somehow they do end up together and they start to date. Both promise to take things slow, but soon that promise goes out the window. Will Paul and Grady stay together and work through all their differences? What happens when Grady finds out about the child? I…

And Manny Makes Seven
Bookreview / January 17, 2015

This book is the third part in the “Mannies Incorporated” series, and if it is up to me I hope it is the last one. I blogged about part 1 here and about part 2 here. In this third book the manny in question, Hutch, starts working for Adam and his five brothers and sisters. They lost their parents and recently Adam’s academic mentor. Adam has tried to keep his brothers and sisters together the best he can, but he is running down and doesn’t know what to do. Enter Hutch, who takes over from Adam and quickly works his way into the household and into Adam’s heart. First Hutch tries to ignore his feelings for his employer, but pretty soon he learns that is impossible. Then one night Adam breaks down in tears, Hutch comforts him and they end up in bed together. I really understand the whole manny thing and how this could work out. But after three books, I think it has been enough. There are only so many situations you can think of where a manny comes in, and I think we have had them all. So Sean Michael, if you read this, please take another…

A Family of his Own
Bookreview / December 16, 2014

A Family of his Own is part 2 in the Mannies Incorporated Series by Sean Michael. The basic principle is the same. A male nanny comes into the home of a single dad with children, falls in love with dad and they live happily ever after. However, I liked part 1 way better than this part. In part 2 there is just too much attention to the children. Every other word is a childs name or something a child does. Constant reminders of how sweet the children are and how much the MC’s love them. It just goes on and on and on. At first I didn’t mind that so much, but about half way through the book it really really starts to annoy me. I KNOW there are children involved, but I don’t have to be reminded every other word. Anyway, if you liked part in the series than this one is quite a safe read. Part 3 is out, so I will be checking that out soon and blog about it of course.