Heat – Salisbury Stories #1
Bookreview / June 7, 2016

Heat is the new novel by R.J. Scott and is the first part in the new Salisbury series. Lewis Mandineau thinks he has lost everything. His money, his lover and now even his restaurant the Laurels is no longer his. Forced to sell to some big American company, he is now no longer his own boss. And to make things worse, some big shot from the American company is coming over to check them out, and every one is convinced, to close them down if they don’t make enough money. So when Devon Trelawney III arrives on the scene, he is met with hostility and maybe even some anger. But Lewis and his sister Rachel are determined to test Devon to the limit and to make sure that he knows everything he needs to know about running a family business. They will not go down without a fight and Devon needs to know that. So when an arsonist is going through town and threatens everything for everyone, they are forced to work together in ways they never did before. And maybe, just maybe there is more between Lewis and Devon than either man thought possible. But will this be a…

Reader/author event Oxford
Conference/Meeting , Personal / March 12, 2015

It seems there is another small event happening over in the UK. Manifold Press is a UK-based publishing business, which began as a collaboration between three British writers of male-male fiction with something like a century of experience between them. Morgan Cheshire, Fiona Pickles and Chris Quinton have since been joined by Australian-English hybrid Julie Bozza. On Saturday May 9 2016 they are organizing a small get together with some authors and their fans. There will be two guest speakers and several other interesting things to be sure. Feel free to go an visit them if you feel like it. More information can be found here. Some of the topics discussed will be the following: Clichés and how to avoid them Sex scenes, more or less Female authors and male pseudonyms The event will take place at the Jam Factory Restaurant and Arts Centre in Oxford. Please be advised that the venue is discreet and not private. And of course I would love to know what you think afte the event….