Let It Snow – Minnesota Christmas #1
Bookreview / December 1, 2015

Let It Snow is part 1 in the Minnesota Christmas series by Heidi Cullinan. All stories are set in the same small town of Logan, Minnesota and focus on a small group of three lumberjacks. Each has their own reason to be there and each has his own reason to want love. But how do you find love in a very small town with an even lower gay population? Frankie Blackburn, a young stylist, never meant to get lost in Logan, but when he finds himself in his car with a failing GPS and a blizzard about to set in, that is exactly what he is. Lost, with no idea where he is or where to go. And when he crashes his car in a ditch, he is completely lost. Somehow he finds his way to a small cabin and decides to wait the storm out. But the cabin is owned by said three lumberjacks and they don’t exactly want another guest in their house. The weather turns for the worst and Frankie is stuck with the group until he can get back out again. Marcus Gardner wasn’t always a lumberjack. He used to be a lawyer in Minneapolis, but…

Bookreview / November 24, 2015

Screwups is a novel by Jamie Fessenden and once again the author has managed to write a sweet romantic story that will speak to many people. I really liked the story when I read it. Jake Stewart is starting his third year at the University and he is feeling absolutely miserable. He is a successful business major, but that is not where is heart lies. He really wants to study art, but his father will cut him off immediately if he does that. And also he is terrified of telling his father he is gay, for the same reason. But after a long time he finally works up the courage to move into the creative dorm on campus. And that is where he meets Danny, his new and openly gay roommate. Danny Sullivan has been out since high school and he has no problems with his sexuality. So when his new roommate Jake moves in, Danny is immediately attracted to him. But he is very sure Jake is straight and will never be anything more than a friend to him. Plus something bad has happened in Danny’s past, something he refuses to talk about, but it still gives him nightmares….

What Happens at Christmas
Bookreview , Bookteaser / November 19, 2015

What Happens at Christmas is the latest novel by Jay Northcote. It was send to me as an ARC and I gladly provide a review for this book. Christmas has always been a special time of the year for me and what could be better than this sweet story to match it. I am sure everyone will love this story just as much as I did. Justin is recently single and not happy about it. The company Christmas party is coming up and he is sure his ex will be there with his new lover. And he has no one to go with. That is, until Sean, his best friend and long time secret crush offers to go with him and pretend to be his new lover. Sean has always been in love with Justin but never told him about it. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because there has never been a good time to do so. So he has kept his distance and tried to be just friends. So he cannot believe he offered to be Justin’s fake boyfriend, but he is even more surprised that Justin accepts. So what could go wrong? They both know it…

Cover Reveal: Real World
Bookreview , Bookteaser / September 22, 2015

Well we all know how much I love Amy Jo Cousins and especially her Bend or Break series. And today she revealed the cover for the latest addition to the series, which will be part 5. It is called Real World and will finally give Tom and Reese the HEA we know they deserve and have been fighting for so long. For those of you who subscribed to Amy Jo’s newsletter, the cover has already been revealed yesterday. So I advice everyone to subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive previews, blurbs and so on. You can subscribe right here. And for all of you who cannot wait, we have a small and slightly NSFW excerpt. You can pre order the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the Samhain site. So if you loved all other parts before this one, then you MUST buy this one, no questions asked…. And now for the excerpt as promised…. When talking fails, it’s time to break out the big guns. Six years ago, Tom Worthington busted his ass to overcome the fear and paranoia that led him to withdraw from the world and nearly lose his boyfriend. He never thought he’d find himself…

Twelfth of Never (Christmas story)
Bookreview / February 14, 2015

This little book is only 24 pages long and is meant as a sort of small bonus for the Blind Faith series. The twelfth of never refers to something one of the MC’s said sometime. Or it can relate to the twelve days of Christmas of course, you choose. You can download it for free at many places, but I am not so sure it adds anything to the story. We are now talking 5 years later and Mark and Will are still together, happily married and running a successful coffeeshop that they bought at the end of book 3. Everything seems to be going perfectly, but there is 1 thing that Will desperately wants, but Mark refuses to give it because he thinks he is not capable enough. Then one day, just around Christmas, Will breaks down and forces Mark to make a choice. A choice with far stretching consequences. Will Mark give Will what he wants or not? Every character from the series is back in this book to celebrate a very cold and very snowy Christmas together. I guess this book is meant to bring people in a holiday spirit, but honestly, I could have done without….

Unwrapping Hank
Bookreview / December 23, 2014

This book should be placed in this time of year, with Christmas just around the corner. As you can see from the picture on the front, a little holiday cheer is in order here. The story is about Sloane, who finds himself at University with little or no friends. He decides to join a fraternity in order to get to know some people. One of the people he lives with is Hank Springfield, a tough guy to look at with lots of muscles, tattoos and a beard. He is also the brother of the frat captain Micah. Sloanes parents decide to cancel their plans for Christmas, leaving Sloane stranded. Micah invites him to come along to his parents for the holiday, which means Hank will also be there. Sloane feels very attracted to Hank, but is there any way a guy like Hank will feel the same about him? And even if he is gay, would he fall for a guy like Sloane? During the holiday, Sloane decides to unwrap the mystery that is called Hank. At first I didn’t like the story very much, but it kind of grows on you. Nothing really exciting happens and the story is…