Small Steps
Bookreview / March 14, 2016

Small Steps is a novel by Chris McHart and is dealing with difficult things and the way to over come them. What happens when you are responsible for putting someone in a wheelchair, but when you meet them you fall in love with him? And what happens when the truth comes to light ? Ben Amann is in a wheelchair at the moment. A drunk driver crashed into his car and caused him to be there, hoping for recovery. Until that happens he is going to need all the help he can get and that means therapy and lots of it. Sebastian Hofors is guilty of drunk driving and causing an accident. He is offered the choice of going to prison or serving community time. He chooses the latter and ends up at the therapy center where Ben is. The two men slowly start getting friends, then becoming much more. Ben is sure Sebastian would never be with a guy in a wheelchair, and Sebastian is sure Ben would never want him when he learns the truth about him. Sebastian is sure he can never live without a drink every now and then. Every time his life runs out of…

Initiated to Kill
Bookreview / August 3, 2015

Initiated to Kill is the debut novel by Sharlene Almond. I was asked personally by the author to read and review this book and I did. Young girls disappear without a trace, never to be found again. Packages start arriving at the police station containing human hearts with the number 6 carved in to them. The girls seemingly have no connection to each other and come from different runs of life. So where are they and why did they disappear? The story is set in Seville, Spain and the author gives much detail to the surroundings, the people and pretty much everything and everyone. Sometimes I wondered if it was really necessary to give so much detail. On the other hand it does help to set the mood and make you feel what is happening. Annabella Cordova, a young art history student, complete deaf is the main character in the story. Her parents died in a car accident and she was raised by her aunt, who is still very protective of her. Because of her disability she cannot hear, but she is very good at reading body language and telling if a person is lying or not. This comes in…

Bookreview / April 11, 2015

Signs is a novel by Anna Martin and deals with romance in a not everyday setting. Two boys meet each other on line and fall for each other, but the catch is that 1 of the boys is deaf. I can imagine that would make meeting someone even more hard than it already is. However Anna Martin does a great job in this book and I absolutely loved it !! Writing stories about disabled people is harder than writing about “normal” people, but it really works in this book. Caleb never comes off as needy or sad, he learns to accept his condition and how to live with it. Caleb Stone is a deaf teenager who really want to be normal. He started out in special schools but finally convinced his parents to put him in a normal school. He has closed himself from the world speaking shorthand with his parents. He tries to fit in to the deaf community, put finds it very hard to speak American Sign Language (ASL) with them. He mostly expresses himself online and throuhg his photography. Recently he started a Tumblr account to make his work known to the world. In New York City,…

Through These Eyes – Blind Faith 2
Bookreview / February 12, 2015

The second part in the series and the rollercoaster just goes on and on. This book is set 6 months after the events of book 1. Carter and Isaac are still very much in love and everything is going perfectly. They are now living together and share everything together. But then some big events happen and everything changes. Isaac meets a new person at the place he works that gives him hope of seeing once again. But is it too good to be true? Carter tries his best to make Isaac see the truth, but Isaac is to stubborn to see what is happening. Will the two boys stay together or will they both loose what they need the most? Can everything be fixed in time? I just loved this book as much as the first one. N.R. Walker is my new hero, that is for sure. Read about the first part here.  

Blind Faith – Blind Faith 1
Bookreview / February 12, 2015

Blind Faith is the first part in a new series by N.R. Walker, who also wrote the Red Dirt Heart series earlier. And just like that one, I really liked this new series. Carter Reece is a veterinarian, taking over the practice of an older vet in a small town. Only special patients get housecalls, so Carter keeps these patients on. One of the patients is a guide dog, owned by Isaac Brannigan, who is blind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the dog, but since his old guide dog died Isaac is afraid to get attached to a new one and orders every test in the book. Carter is immediately attracted to the arrogant ut very sexy Isaac. He doesn’t care Isaac is blind, that makes him only more special. But will Carter be able to get through to Isaac and make him see just how special he is? Just as with the Red Dirt Heart series, ¬†Walker is able to create very strong characters in a few words. You can immediately relate to every one and feel their emotions. So this new series is a great read. If you loved Red Dirt Heart, you are sure to love…