A White Coat is My Closet
Bookreview / January 10, 2017

A White Coat is My Closet is the latest novel by Jake Wells. Jake Wells seems to have a fondness of stories set in the medical world, and this one is no exception. Zack Sheldon is almost finished with his medical studies and when he is finished he will dedicate his life to making sure children are taken care off and provided the best medical care there is. Because of his studies he has almost no time for a social life, let alone find a boyfriend for himself. And even if he would go looking, he is far to shy to approach a good looking guy. Why would anyone even consider dating a guy like him? And so he has been using his white coat as a shield and an excuse not to go looking or even trying. But one night he spots the very handsome Sergio Quartulli in the gym and from then on all is lost. When they finally meet Sergio seems to be interested in him too and pretty soon they are together as a couple. However Zack finds it really hard to come out at work and make it known that he is together with Sergio….

The Shearing Gun
Bookreview / December 19, 2014

Another book by Renae Kaye, so automatically a favorite of mine. This book is also set in Australia, this time in an area with a lot of sheep. Hank is 25 years old and owns a piece of land in South West Australia. When Hank revealed to his father he is gay, his father kicked him out of the house. And because Hank makes his money by shearing sheep, and no one will hire a gay shearer, he has remained in the closet all this time. That is, until Elliot comes along. Elliot is the new doctor in town. Fresh from the city and still trying to find his ground in this small town. Hank comes to Elliot with a small injury and the attraction is instant between the boys. But can they keep the relation a secret in this small town? And is it really necessary to do so? In the end, do we choose love or life? The story is great, the build up slow but sure. The relation between the boys is slowly developing, starting out with glances and ending in very explicit sex scenes. Both boys must decide what they want to do and if they…