Coming Clean
Bookreview / July 12, 2015

Coming Clean is a novel by Silvia Violet and is all about making choices in life and fighting for what you want and for who you love. And in the end, it is always worth it. Jeremy inherits a lot of money and a big house from some relative he doesn’t even remember. It allows him to do the things he always wanted to do. Stop teaching for a while and doing something for himself finally. He expects to sell the house and get it over with. Because it is a big house he hires some people to clean the house for him. That is how he meets Connor. Connor is a former Marine who is very deep in the closet and doesn’t want to come out. But when he meets the geeky Jeremy there is no denying his feelings for the man. For the first time in a long time he starts thinking about more than his day to day life. But Connor has some dark demons of his own to work through. His last mission as a marine didn’t go to well and he must learn to deal with what happened there. Connor thinks he can never be…

Checking Out Love
Bookreview / May 24, 2015

Checking Out Love is a novel by R. Cooper and is in part about a library and a librarian. And as library lover and a librarian myself, I could not resist reading this. And it wasn’t bad, but also not very much worth remembering. Jeremy is a grad student with a great thirst for knowledge. And right now he is very interested in the local librarian, Benj, who works in a very small library and is always hiding away between his books and very rarely talks to anyone. Jeremy is determined to get him out of his shell and starting a romance with him. But Jeremy is too smart for his own good and he is afraid that will scare guys away when they run out of things to talk about. So what can he do? I read a few other things by this author and all her books an roughly the same. Sweet but not very great… So I would recommend this if you have a few hours to spare and want a quick read to pass the time… Find R. Coopers personal blog here, but remember some parts might be NSFW in nature.

A Terrible Husband
Bookreview / March 13, 2015

What happens when two people have been together forever, take things for granted and kind of loose touch ? Do you let it happen or do you fight to keep what you have? Miles used to be a model, but is now retired and owns a small boutique in London. He has been with the much younger Jeremy for 10 years now. In order to celebrate their anniversary, Jeremy takes him on a surprise trip to Ibiza, their favorite island. But what happens there makes Miles wonder about their relationship and if things are still what they used to be. Do they still expect the same out of the relation or not? The story was nice, simple and quite easy to relate to. But I must say, some things were a little far fetched and sought. It is quite understandable to question a relation when you have been with someone for over 10 years. Things change in time and you need time to re-evaluate things and make sure you are still both on the same page. But so many things happening in 1 week time, when you are on an island far away from home? And yet everyone seems to…