Astronomical – Astronomers #1
Bookreview / October 18, 2016

Astronomical by Silvia Violet is the first part in a new series, called Astronomers. Guessing from the title all the books will have something to do with Astronomy, but we will have to wait for part 2 to be sure. In this first part we meet Blake Theriot. He is a research librarian and very very shy. He likes things to be done a certain way and have everything in a specific order. If something goes against his wishes it upsets him very much. So when Greg MacIntyre moves in next door, Blakes life will never be the same again. Greg is very sexy, wears a kilt and is everything Blake has ever dreamed about in a man. Strong, muscular and very hot. But what can he do to make Greg see him for what he is and what he wants. Every time he comes near the man his speech becomes impaired and he can’t say a normal word. It takes a few shots of whiskey to give him the courage to speak his mind, but will it be enough? I enjoyed this book very much, I could relate to the characters and was pleasantly surprised by how easy the…

Checking Out Love
Bookreview / May 24, 2015

Checking Out Love is a novel by R. Cooper and is in part about a library and a librarian. And as library lover and a librarian myself, I could not resist reading this. And it wasn’t bad, but also not very much worth remembering. Jeremy is a grad student with a great thirst for knowledge. And right now he is very interested in the local librarian, Benj, who works in a very small library and is always hiding away between his books and very rarely talks to anyone. Jeremy is determined to get him out of his shell and starting a romance with him. But Jeremy is too smart for his own good and he is afraid that will scare guys away when they run out of things to talk about. So what can he do? I read a few other things by this author and all her books an roughly the same. Sweet but not very great… So I would recommend this if you have a few hours to spare and want a quick read to pass the time… Find R. Coopers personal blog here, but remember some parts might be NSFW in nature.

Somebody Nice!
Bookreview / February 21, 2015

Danny is 35 years old and lives with his 7 year old daughter. What he really wants is a man in his life, but he hasn’t even told his daughter he is gay. And now his daughter is trying to find him a girlfriend by placing an on line ad on the internet. Secretly Danny has been dating the hot librarian at his daughters school, but nobody knows about it. Should he tell his daughter about it or not? This story is one that came out of a contest that runs regularly on the M/M Romance Group. The idea is they place a picture online and then encourage people to write a story about the picture, what might happen and what the person or persons in the picture want and need. I liked the story but it was a bit on the easy side. Nothing really exciting happened and everything seemed to go smooth and easy. So if you are in to that kind of thing, please do read this story.