A Family of his Own
Bookreview / December 16, 2014

A Family of his Own is part 2 in the Mannies Incorporated Series by Sean Michael. The basic principle is the same. A male nanny comes into the home of a single dad with children, falls in love with dad and they live happily ever after. However, I liked part 1 way better than this part. In part 2 there is just too much attention to the children. Every other word is a childs name or something a child does. Constant reminders of how sweet the children are and how much the MC’s love them. It just goes on and on and on. At first I didn’t mind that so much, but about half way through the book it really really starts to annoy me. I KNOW there are children involved, but I don’t have to be reminded every other word. Anyway, if you liked part in the series than this one is quite a safe read. Part 3 is out, so I will be checking that out soon and blog about it of course.

Mannies Incorporated
Bookreview / December 12, 2014

Another favourite of mine and the first in a series. The series is called “Mannies Incorporated” just like the first book and is apparently all about male nannies who happen to fall in love with someone in the households they take care of. In this first book we meet Slayde who lives in the house of Mindy and her three kids. Mindy is a soldier and currently deployed overseas to Afghanistan. Slayde works very hard to take care of the kids, but they manage. Then one day a stranger knocks on the door. It turns out to be Drake, Mindy’s brother. Drake hasn’t been around a lot and is determined to take care of the kids while his sister is gone. But then he finds Slayde there already. Pretty soon things heat up and Drake starts looking differently at Slayde. However, Drake is still very much in the closet and has to learn to show his feelings and admit to himself that he is very much in love with Slayde. It takes him a while but he gets there in the end. This book is very easy to read but also a lot of fun. I loved it very much…