Bedside Manner – Hearts and Health #2
Bookreview / July 22, 2018

Bedside Manner is part 2 in the Hearts and Health series by D.J. Jamison. My blog about part 1 can be found here. As with part 1, part 2 is also centred around a hospital and has medical characters in it. Zane Kavanaugh (best friend to Ben, who we met in part 1) is attacked in the street one day and ends up in hospital for a few days. Since he came out as gay his family doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, so he is quite alone in the hospital. But when Dr. Paul Johnston enters the room, Zane has a completely new thing to think about. Paul has the most wonderful dark eyes and they leave Zane al flushed. Paul doesn’t want to fall for a patient, especially since he is already in trouble after receiving a complaint against him for behaving out of line. Recently divorced, just out as a gay ┬áman, he is still very fragile and careful. He knows he would never do anything wrong, but he just can’t get a certain patient out of his head. So when Paul and Zane meet outside the hospital, what could possibly go wrong? Paul has…

Heart Trouble – Hearts and Health #1
Bookreview / July 14, 2018

Heart Trouble is part 1 in the Hearts and Health series by D.J. Jamison. All stories are taking place in or around the same hospital, where all main characters work or visit regularly. I know the medical theme, especially doctors and nurses has been a lot, but I really like the way it is done in these books. Characters from other books in the series will show up every now and then, so the stories really connect. I will be posting about the other parts in the series later on, so keep your eyes out for that. In part 1 we meet Gage Evans, who is admitted to the hospital after a dumb stunt he performed. Teaching a journalism class, he writes a column about doing things you have never done before, but always wanted to. And his latest stunt landed him in the hospital, where he lays his eyes on the very hot nurse Ben Griggs. Ben is very well aware of the way Gage looks at him, but he is really not interested in starting something with a patient, especially a daredevil like Gage. All he wants is a steady relation with a trustworthy man who loves him…

A White Coat is My Closet
Bookreview / January 10, 2017

A White Coat is My Closet is the latest novel by Jake Wells. Jake Wells seems to have a fondness of stories set in the medical world, and this one is no exception. Zack Sheldon is almost finished with his medical studies and when he is finished he will dedicate his life to making sure children are taken care off and provided the best medical care there is. Because of his studies he has almost no time for a social life, let alone find a boyfriend for himself. And even if he would go looking, he is far to shy to approach a good looking guy. Why would anyone even consider dating a guy like him? And so he has been using his white coat as a shield and an excuse not to go looking or even trying. But one night he spots the very handsome Sergio Quartulli in the gym and from then on all is lost. When they finally meet Sergio seems to be interested in him too and pretty soon they are together as a couple. However Zack finds it really hard to come out at work and make it known that he is together with Sergio….

Sometimes Love Lasts
Bookreview / July 6, 2016

Sometimes Love Lasts is the new novel by Jake Wells. It deals with matters of homophobia, secret crushes and maybe finding out that love really does last longer than you might think. I found the story to be sweet and very romantic. It kind of plays of on the jock-nerd theme and we all know how much I love that…. Rone Forrester is a high school student, doing all the things he is supposed to be doing. He is intelligent, good looking and athletic, but still happiness seems to elude him every time. His mother recently died of cancer, his father is a tyrant and Rone takes care of his little brother all the time. Because if he doesn’t that who does? And because life is never easy Rone starts developing romantic feelings for his best friend Carson Harrington. Rone really wants to be a doctor and he is determined to make that happen. So when a little accident forces him to come out, his homophobic father and general shame make Rone run away and leave everything behind. He wants to start a new life in Los Angeles, but quickly learns that life there isn’t easy at all. And he…