Rock Rod Studios Presents
Bookreview / November 15, 2015

Rock Rod Studios Presents is a series by Emory Vargas and is all about Alex and his first steps on the gay for pay path. In total there are three parts in the series, each about 20 to 30 pages long, so it provides for a quick read. So far I have read two of them, but they don’t do much for me. It is exactly as you would describe a sexual fantasie for a young gay boy. In the first part ‘Alex Undone‘ we meet up with young Alex as he enters the studio where his first gay for pay shoot is about to happen. He has no idea what to expect and is very very nervous. He answered an add on Craigslist and ended up accepting this unusual job. The first thing Alex sees when he enters the studio is Peter, the very hot and very tattooed administrative assistant. Peter manages to calm Alex down a bit and makes sure he is ready for what is coming. When Alex returns from some mind blowing sex, he is in no state to go home alone. Peter ends up taking him home and taking care of him until he comes…

Bad Boy – Naughty at Night 5
Bookreview / March 14, 2015

Bad Boy is part 5 and the final part in the Naughty at Night series. I have read the other parts too and I must say it is a good thing the series ends with this one. It’s good but how long can you keep it up until it becomes unbelievable? In this part we once again meet Peter and Chip. As we know Peter is a schoolteacher who has been moonlighting as an erotic masseuse. Because of this he gets into trouble with several people and really needs to get out. But Chip is determined to stand by him no matter what happens and no matter how much Peter thinks he doesn’t deserve this. In the final part there is a little trouble to begin with, but in the end everything is solved and works out fine. There is a little sex in the book and some of it is really unbelievable and impossible, but I will let you find that out for yourselves. All in all I really enjoyed the series and would read something by Jamie Lake in the future. You can find Jamie’s personal site here.