Rainbow Book Fair 2016
Conference/Meeting / September 13, 2015

The date for Rainbow Book Fair 2016 has been announced. The 2015 edition was in April of this year, as I announced right here. The 2016 will take place in New York City on April 9. It will take place in Midtown Manhattan. Rainbow Book Fair is the most exciting LGBT book event in the U.S. The 6th Annual New York Rainbow Book Fair featured more than 1OO publishers, writers, poets, editors, booksellers, and the1OOO+ readers who love and buy their books—from the serious to the wild, from the zany to the super hot. Rainbow Book Fair is open to the public with book discounts and giveaways. …. The official site can be found here for all the latest and greatest information.

Rainbow Book Fair
Conference/Meeting / April 15, 2015

For the quick decider, this coming Saturday is the start of the 7th Annual Rainbow Book Fair in New York City. From their website, that you can find here: Once a year approximately 1500 people get together in New York City to mingle, get to know each other, enrich, broaden, and even extend their lives through the amazing medium of LGBT books. Books convey and change a culture. Most people who identify as part of the LGBT family have a book that they say has changed their lives. Sometimes they read it before they came out. Other times this book made them realize they were not alone, or were valuable when the world told them they were to be scorned. The New York Rainbow Book Fair is America’s oldest LGBT book fair and the largest LGBT book event in the country. It has grown every year since its beginning in 2009. It brings together thoughtful, interesting people of all ages, from early teens to those in their 70s and 80s; from a spectrum of countries, ethnicities, gender identities, and viewpoints. It attracts readers and writers of course, but also publishers, editors, agents, and media attention—people who have never experienced queer…