The Dean’s List
Bookreview / September 2, 2015

The Dean’s List by Kelly Collins was send to me by the author requesting a review. I was happy to oblige and read the story. It is somewhat different from what I usually read, but a great read never the less. No man on man action this time, but female on man action. However, I highly recommend this book if you love romance. This one will have you enchanted for a long time to come. Great work, Kelly Collins….. 21 year old student River Roberts needs a change in her life. She is always short on money, desperately in need of love but never seems to be able to find it. Her friend Jade introduces her to a secret club, making sure every need and desire she could ever have is met with. Starting of great, River soon finds herself in over her head with no way out. What can a girl do?

I Saw The Naked Gardener
Bookreview / August 5, 2015

I Saw The Naked Gardener is the new novel by Danika Hartland. She requested me personally to review this book for my blog. This book is different from my normal reads, because it is not m-m romance, but m-f romance. However, romance is romance, so I enjoyed this book just as much. It is a bit on the predictable side, but provides for a quick read and a funny story. Tamsin is a normal woman in a normal American town. Married for years, two daughters who both have left home and are building their own lives. Her marriage isn’t what it used to be anymore and she feels like she is missing something. She feels neglected and abused by her husband. She is not allowed to go anywhere alone or do anything apart from her husband. And she is looking for a way out. Then her best friend Margie reveals a secret to her. Hidden somewhere near Boston is a club, strictly for women and catering to any and every fantasie you could ever have. It allows a woman to have her needs fulfilled and her fantasies catered to. Tamsin is fascinated by the story, but she is sure there…

Bookreview / August 4, 2015

Crossroads is the latest novel by Riley Hart and after reading it all I can say is WOW !!! This story is absolutely wonderful and one of the best I have read so far. Nick Fuller has been married since he was 17, but when his wife started cheating on him and finally left him, he is once again a single man. He is the owner of his own restaurant and has a great passion for cooking. Single again, he is determined to meet new people and have new experiences. But he has no idea where to start. Until he meets his new neighbor Bryce Tanner. Bryce Tanner is al about having a good time. Never taking life seriously, never doing anything he didn’t want to do, he is determined to show Nick how it is done. He takes him out all over town, determined to get him to meet women and show him what the good life is. But it doesn’t take them long to find out they would rather be together. Both men have never been with other men before and they both were sure they were straight. But there is a spark between them and they both…

Happy Valentine’s Day !!
Personal / February 14, 2015

I wish everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day. If you are with someone make sure they know you love them. If you are still single, love yourself and rest assured there is someone out there for you.