Selling It
Bookreview / June 12, 2016

Selling It is a short story by Sara York, recently republished with a new cover. It was the first time I learned about the story and I liked it very much. It is a small murder mystery combined with a love story and it seems to be working very well. It was a quick read, but I enjoyed it a lot. Blaine Wilson is a police officer in the DC force and he has one very big secret, he is gay. Whenever he feels the need to act on his desires he make sure he goes far away into a place where he will never meet anyone he knows. Blaine used to be a teen prostitute in the past and he still has the scars it left him. So he is determined to keep that part of his life private. But when he meets Andy everything changes. For the first time in a long time he feels things he thought gone for a long time. And it forces him to rethink a lot of things. He comes out at work and is forced to tell his captain about the things that happened in the past. Will their love be strong…

Working It Out
Bookreview / January 23, 2016

Working It Out is a novel by Sara York, an author who generally writes about strong men with lots of muscles, but a heart as big as the world and a really soft inside. This book is no difference and I liked it very much. Jake Grant is the owner of a large gym in town and until recently he managed the place together with his long time partner. But after his partner died in an accident, he just wants to give up. Sell the place and move to another town, start his life over again. He is convinced there will never be another man for him who could give him the kind of love he had in the past. That is, until he meets Lance. Lance Abbott is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine and is totally in the closet. He just knows that if he would ever come out, his clients would run away and he would have to stop doing the work he loves the most. Nobody would want a gay man touching their body after all. And then he meets Jake, a man who is completely out and not afraid of showing what he…

Not That Type of Guy
Bookreview / September 27, 2015

Not That Type of Guy is a novel by Sara York and I am guessing it is one of her older ones, since it is from 2012. The story is not too bad, but a bit on the easy side for me. Aiden Jackson works for a very secret part of the US government. A part of the CIA, but only a limited amount of people know about it. As far as he knows Aiden is straight as an arrow, never even looking at a man twice. That is, until he is on a mission somewhere and another agent saves him by having sex with him in a public bathroom. Back home Aiden is getting more and more confused. He is straight, he is sure of that, but why is it that he is on a date with a stunningly beautiful woman, but he has only eyes for the man a few tables over? And why are all his fantasies suddenly about other men and the things he would do to them? Trace Williams is a doctor and instantly attracted to Aiden when he sees him. But there is something about Aiden that confuses him. Why is the guy so…

Center Stage
Bookreview / July 27, 2015

Center Stage is a new book by Sara York, originally published as part of a bundle of stories, but now as an independent book. And I must say, it is a great story. Slade Pepper is a country music star, who is just starting to gain some fame in the business. Country music is his first love and he has been working so hard for recognition. In doing so, he had to put a hold on romance and love. He is gay, but the country music business is not known for its gay acceptance. And everyone he meets of course knows who he is and wants something from him. Money, fame or a push forward, everyone has a hidden agenda. So Slade forgets about romance and works really really hard. When he finishes his latest tour, the whole band takes a month off work. Slade decides to go away for a while and look for some privacy. He ends up on a small island far away from everything. It is there that he meets Corbin Branford. Corbin has no idea who Slade is, but the attraction between them is clear as day. One night of heated passion leads to another…

Billy – A Southern Thing #4
Bookreview / May 25, 2015

Billy is part 4 in the A Southern Thing series by Sara York. It focuses completely on Billy, the younger brother of Jack who had the lead role in the first three parts. It is a nice book and all, but as far as I ¬†am concerned it doesn’t add anything to the series and I really wonder why there had to be a part 4 in the first place. Billy Miller has always been the odd one out. He refuses to commit to just one gender. Sometimes he likes to wear a dress just because it feels good. And sometimes he wears boy clothes when he is in the mood. No body seems to bother, but Billy is afraid he will never meet a guy who understands him and lets him do these things if he wants too. And then he meets Sawyer Fredericks, who goes to school with him. Billy likes him a lot and Sawyer makes his interest in Billy quite obvious. But there is something weird with Sawyer and Billy cannot put his finger on it. Jack is also concerned and wants his younger brother to be careful and not just put his faith in the…

Medics, Mayhem and Mojitos – Love’s First Response #3
Bookreview / May 16, 2015

Medics, Mayhem and Mojitos is part 3 in the Love’s First Response series by Sara York. The whole series is about people in a first response job, so in this story we meet Liam Noble, a local medic. He loves his job, but has a real hard time talking to guys. Whenever a guy is interested in him, he ends up saying all kinds of stupid things. So he has given up on that. But when he meets the very sexy Jordan McKelvey, the sparks start flying and Liam is speechless. Jordan has to work real hard to open up Liam and sometimes he wonders if Liam is into him at all. After a hot episode in a bar stockroom Jordan is sure Liam is into him very much. Then Liam completely disappears and Jordan has no idea what happened. He is already giving up on him, when Jordan learns where Liam really is. And then everything changes in a big way… Just as all the other parts in the series, this one is equally great. Romance, sparks and love all around.