Billy’s Bones
Bookreview / November 22, 2015

Billy’s Bones is a novel by Jamie Fessenden and it is by far one of the best stories I recently read. The story is gripping, the characters are great and at points it almost made me cry. I really really recommend this story to each and everyone of you. Tom Langois is a psycho therapist in a small town and is quite happy with his life, but something is missing. Then one day, in walks Kevin Derocher, still hiding the bruise around his neck where he tried to hang himself. Kevin is newly married, baby on the way and still he tried to hang himself in the garage. After their first consult, Kevin bolts out and Tom is sure he will never see the guy again in his life. But three years Kevin shows up again at Toms house to do some repairs. It doesn’t take long for the men to become friends and spend a lot of time together. Tom feels obliged to tell Kevin he is gay, to prevent any misunderstandings. Kevin says he doesn’t care about that, he just needs a friend. But the guy is very open and pretty soon insists on walking around naked whenever…

The Unbreakable Miss Lovely: How the Church of Scientology tried to destroy Paulette Cooper
Bookreview / July 18, 2015

The Unbreakable Miss Lovely is a book by Tony Ortega, a well known researcher of the Scientology phenomenon. The book is about author Paulette Cooper who wrote a quite damaging book about Scientology in 1971. Because of what the book said the Church tried to have the book shut down. In order to make that happen they unleashed a sinister campaign against Cooper that has never been seen before. It lasted for several years and almost drove her to suicide. Scientology didn’t hold back and tried their very best to make Cooper shut up and go away. The story is now in print for the first time and is known to be one of the darker chapters in Scientology history. In the end Paulette Cooper won and several high ranking members of Scientology ended up in jail and it left the organization permanently damaged. Religion is somewhat of a personal hobby of mine. I am not a religious person myself, but I love to read about it and I want to know all about it. Why are people so drawn to it and what makes them do what they do? In some countries Scientology is a cult, in others it…

Bookreview / March 25, 2015

Ugly is a novel by Mark Roeder in his long running Gay Boys series. When I first started reading M-M romance I was really quite taken by Roeder novels and I really loved them. But the more I read of them, the more they start to annoy me. They are so wrong and unbelievable on many levels. First of all, literally everyone is gay or at the very least bi. Every single guy is drop dead gorgeous, bulky and muscled. Everyone is good at sports and all the pretty boys also like each other and pare off together. Some boys are like 16 years old or so, but they already know for sure they are gay and have already met the love of their life and are determined to stay with them for the rest of their lives. I mean honestly, how big are the odds of finding a town with at least 75 % gay people in the ages of 16 to 25? But very well, back to this novel. In this story we meet Julian. He is the son of the local funeral home owner and he is convinced he is ugly and will never find a friend…

Aaron’s Story
Bookreview / March 11, 2015

Aaron’s Story is the book that precedes what happens in Braden’s Story, that I blogged about here. In this book we meet Aaron, a 16 year old boy with a secret. He is gay but knows for a fact that his family and friends will never accept that from him. Other gay boys in school are constantly bullied and teased and he doesn’t want that to happen to him. Plus his parents are strictly Christian and homosexuality is definitely not allowed in church and at home. But then Aaron meets Steven, the local jock that he never thought he could have. Stephen is supposedly straight, but really likes Aaron and can’t keep his hands of of him whenever they are together. However, he doesn’t want to reveal his love to the rest of the world. Aaron decides he wants to be straight and needs to find a girlfriend. A girl in his school is already in love with him, so what could be easier than starting up something with her? All goes well, as long as he doesn’t have to kiss her or hold her hand all the time. And does she really have to be everywhere he is? Then…

Joey’s Choice
Bookreview / February 26, 2015

I understand why this book is important, really I do. Suicide is always  a very sad thing and especially when someone decides to do it because they don’t feel accepted for what and who they are. But I am sorry to say, this book is just really really bad. This is the first Piper Kay book I have ever read, but if they are all this bad… In this book we meet 17 year old Joey. He doesn’t feel accepted and he thinks the world and everyone he knows would be better of without him. So one night he decides to take his own life. But just before he does, a mysterious boy walks in to his room and talks him out of it. Joey has a role in life and in the future people will depend on him. About a year later he meets the same boy that stopped him from taking his own life. He turns out to be another boy who also needs help, which Joey can provide. Judging by the ratings, people all over the world are crazy about this book, praising it to high heaven all over. But I just don’t see it I guess….