Taxes and TARDIS

May 16, 2015

Taxes and TARDIS is a novel by N.R. Walker. Now we all know I love N.R. Walker in other posts and I will continue to do so in this one. This story is rather short at only about 100 pages, but it is so sweet and romantic.

Brent Kelly is a self employed electrician, who knows all about his trade, but knows nothing about keeping accounts and taxes. Someone refers him to Logan Willis, a local accountant that can help him out. So Brent goes over there with a shoe box full of receipts and paper, expecting to see a boring old man. But Logan is certainly not that, although he is also not the type Brent usually falls for. Logan is a syfy lover with a weakness for Doctor Who and is a bit geeky and nerdy.

But Brent doesn’t seem to able to get him out his mind and he wants to know more about Logan. They go out a few times, and both men realize they are falling in love. But will their love stand meeting some of their friends? And is Brent really into Logan or just into getting a big tax return?

As a syfy lover myself I could really relate to the story. Both guys are sweet, romantic and lovable. I recommend this book if you want a nice, quick and easy romance fix.


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