The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

December 28, 2015

23512999As you all know I have been a Stephen King fan for decades and I think I can say I read pretty much everything he ever wrote. Some books are great, some books are bad, but they have all provided for a great read. I have also said that I think King has never been the same again after his accident and I still stand by that. This collection of short stories is the latest addition to the lot and it hasn’t proven me wrong.

The stories are great don’t get me wrong, but to me they are not up to the level they were before the accident. Some of the stories would fall in the horror category, but most of them are just weird or twisted. A few of them even made me think twice before I understood what they were trying to say. And that alone is something I can admire, I hate stories that just pass through your memories without leaving a trace or thought.

Each story in this book is introduced by the master himself, explaining why he wrote this story and what his motivation was behind the story. I actually like these little things, as they give me a little more insight in the story. How and why would anyone come up with some of these stories?

Most of the stories have been published before in several places, but this is the first time they have all been brought together in one book. I actually read some of the stories before already, but most were completely new to me. However, lately I found myself wondering if Mr. King is still capable of doing stories the way he used to. Maybe I am just a fan of the older stuff, but the more recent novels and stories just haven’t done it for me.

A list of the stories in this book taken from the official Stephen King website:

1. Mile 81
2. Premium Harmony
3. Batman and Robin Have an Altercation
4. The Dune
5. Bad Little Kid
6. A Death
7. The Bone Church – poem
8. Morality
9. Afterlife
10. Ur
11. Herman Wouk is Still Alive
12. Under the Weather
13. Blockade Billy
14. Mister Yummy
15. Tommy
16. The Little Green God of Agony
17. That Bus is Another World
18. Obits
19. Drunken Fireworks
20. Summer Thunder

So if you are a Stephen King fan like me you should definitely read this one and I am sure I will read whatever he puts out, but I sure do hope that I don’t find myself loosing interest soon.

You can find the official Stephen King website here. This book is for sale at Amazon, Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble.

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