The Christmas Throwaway

December 10, 2015

9615767The Christmas Throwaway is the new novel by R.J. Scott and I so very much liked this story. It has everything you could ever want in a Christmas story and it is sure to warm you up in the cold nights to come.

Zachary Weston has been out on the street for a few days now. His father threw him out of the house after he told his father that he is gay and isn’t planning to change that in any way. His father is a strict military man and wants nothing to do with a gay son, so he has to go. Left with no money and no place to go, all he can do is sleep on a churchyard bench in the snow, dreaming of a better future with the guy of his dreams.

Ben Hamilton is a young cop in a small town and he is the one who finds Zach on Christmas Eve, sleeping on a bench in the freezing cold. The boy is fresh from the city and doesn’t look like he would survive the cold. Ben wakes him up and decides to take him home for a hot shower and a bed for the night.

Zach is afraid to go with Ben, sure there is something behind all this friendliness. No one does anything for him without expecting something in return and he has to be at guard to protect himself from whatever Ben wants from him. But all Ben does is being friendly and make sure he is alright.

Zach is 17 years old, almost 18 and Ben is 25 years old. Ben would be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to Zach, but the guy is too young and he doesn’t want to abuse his job to get to the guy. So he fights his attraction and doesn’t act up on it.

After a while Zach is starting to warm up to Ben and really starts liking the guy a lot. But why won’t Ben go any further than a little hugging? Why won’t Ben touch him the way he wants to be touched?

Soon things start going fast, Zach’s father makes his final mistake and Zach is reunited with his younger sister. Will Zach and Ben have their Christmas miracle after all?

The story was short but I loved it so very much. Snow, romance, love and a HEA, what more could you want from a Christmas story?


Chapter 1: The First Christmas

“Hey! You can’t sleep here.”

Zachary Weston had closed his eyes and let sleep pull him under. The simple fact was that sheer exhaustion meant he couldn’t physically stay awake any longer. Sleep came quickly, the sleep of the desperate man, despite the furious aching pain in his lower back. He had pushed on through the pain for the last week. Ironically the ice and frigid temperatures, whilst freezing his extremities, helped ease the aching.

Behind his eyes he saw a crackling fire in an iron grate, the red and gold flames casting a beautiful light throughout a room decorated for Christmas. A tree stood tall in the far corner, its sparkling fairy lights, colored tinsel, and baubles catching and glinting random colors.

“You can’t sleep here.”

Presents were scattered and piled, haphazard and thoughtless in their arrangement, for there were so many. Books and songs and warm clothes sat in wrapped paper, festooned with silver and gold bows, his name scrawled in gold on a fair share of them.

“Hey, you can’t sleep here.”

Outside the window it was snowing, not a blizzard, but soft fat flakes, which fell in a mesmerizing dance to join the soft shapes already hiding the mature garden from view. The cold meant the outside of the windows were frosted with creeping white tendrils that drew random patterns on the icy glass and reflected the colored lights from the tree.

You can find RJ Scotts personal site here. This story is for sale at Love Lane Books, Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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