The Dating Game

November 12, 2014

23126227When I read about this book I thought it was going to be a bore. But luckily I was wrong….

Owen has never been serious about the whole relationship thing. All he cares about is sex, so basically his life is a long line of one night stands. Until he meets Nathan….

He has of course known Nathan for years and always had a crush on him. But Nathan always claimed to be straight, so it was never going to go anywhere. And finally Nathan moved away and Owen never heard from him again.

But then Nathan is back and Owen finds he still has a major crush on the guy. And best of all, Nathan is now out about his being gay. He decides to pursue this, but Nathan won’t allow it. He agrees to go out with Owen, but for five dates sex is not allowed. They can kiss, but that is all. Owen accepts the challenge, thinking Nathan will give in soon enough.

From then on, every Saturday they date. Just walking, eating or doing things together. After two dates Owen finds he actually likes this dating and he is falling head over heels for Nathan. And the feelings are mutual.

But what happens when the five dates are up? They finally have sex and then it all ends, or not….

I really liked this book a lot and I am glad I gave it a serious try. The whole concept sounds lame, but actually it is not that bad.

Jay Northcote has written much more, so check out her blog over here Just last month she celebrated her first year of being a published author. Hopefully much more will follow in the future.


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