The Deep of the Sound – Bluewater Bay #8

July 31, 2015

24737399The Deep of the Sound by Amy Lane is a new addition to the Bluewater Bay series. Every book in the series is written by a different author, but they are all set in the same area. I kind of like that idea, so I will be reading the other parts at some time.

In this book we meet Cal McCorkle. He has been living in Bluewater Bay all his life, working two jobs to support his brother and great uncle. Both men depend on him because they have a long list of problems and illnesses. As a result of this Cal has nearly no personal life. He has no time for himself, let alone to find a guy to fall in love with. He has accepted the fact that it just will never be.

Avery Kennedy wants to visit a fan convention of his favourite tv show, but ends up running away from his parents and his ex boyfriend that only used him for money and otherwise treated him as a dirty secret. It took him about two years, but finally Avery managed to get away and start a new life of his own. Of course everyone thinks he will never get far and will come back begging for forgiveness quite soon.

Then his car breaks down right at the edge of Bluewater Bay and because of some mix up he ends up broke as well. Now what should he do?

Cal passes by on the road and stops to help Avery, giving him a lift to the hotel he is supposed to be in. On the way there Avery manages to charm Cal’s brother into silence and Cal just thinks he is adorable for that. Or adorkable, because he is a little dorky of course. But Avery is way out of his league so Cal doesn’t think much of it.

Avery is instantly attracted to the rough dark boy that picks him up from the side of the road, his knight in shining armor. This guy will be different than his last boyfriend, who was just plain stupid. But what can he do to make Cal see that?

Slowly but surely Avery works his way into Cals heart and make him see there might just be more around the corner for him. But then Cals brother and uncle do something that might just change things forever. Will this be the end of it all? In a few days Avery will be leaving again and then what?

I read other Amy Lane books in the past and I have always liked them. This one is no different, the story is nice, easy to read and the characters are so sweet and lovely. I could easily imagine the dorky Avery and the rough Cal. And I don’t know if Bluewater Bay is real, but it sounds like a lovely place.

Amy Lanes personal website can be found here. This book is for sale at Amazon, Riptide Publishing and All Romance Ebooks.

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