The Foundation – Behind Closed Doors #1

August 10, 2016

29633258The Foundation is a novel by Diana McKinley and deals with subjects like physical abuse and a rough childhood. Not an easy subject for most people, but Diana pulls it of very nice and makes for a very good and entertaining story. I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to read more.

Benjamin Alcott made it through high school with only one thing on his mind, getting away from his home. Life at home has been very rough and the environment is not a loving one. Ben made it to the top of his class and has secured enough scholarships to make sure his future is financially secured and he can pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

Cord Robinson is a few years older than Benjamin but has always been interested in the young man. Not only because he is his best friends brother, but Cord wants there to be more between Benjamin and himself. But he waited until Ben was old enough and could decide for himself what he wants. And now the time has come to make his intentions clear to Ben and see if there is more in the future.

But then the violence in Ben’s home comes to a breaking point and he makes a run for it. Now Cord has to find Ben and make sure that he is safe and gets whatever he needs to make it in life. Will he be able to find Ben and take him home with him?

Like I told you in the beginning I liked the story a lot, but there are also some points of criticism. It all started out great, but the further I got into the story, the more cheesier it got. I mean, nothing really serious ever happened in the story. It was all love, kisses and sunshine, but nothing really serious happened. Any good story needs a bit of angst in it, but that never happened. A missed chance I guess….

You can find Diana McKinley’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon¬†and Smashwords.


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