The Girl Next Door – Bend or Break #3

July 26, 2015

25110700The Girl Next Door is part 3 in the Bend or Break series by Amy Jo Cousins and I must say I am falling in love with these books more and more. I already loved part 1 and part 2, but part 3 is equally fantastic, if not more.

In part 3 we catch up again with Charles “Cash” Carmichael, who we already met in part 1 as best friend of Tom. In this part Cash is quite a different man from what he once was. He told his family where they could stick their job and appartment. He would be doing something completely different, something his heart is more into. So he ends up coaching soccer for Chicago’s less privileged kids. The money is bad, the surroundings are bad but he loves his job very much.

Then suddenly one night his cousin is standing at his door, all the way from the other side of the country. His cousin recently came out to his parents, who did not believe him and told him it was just a phase and it would pass. Cash has no idea how to handle this. So he asks for help….

And who better to ask for help than his old friend, Stephany Tyler. The bisexual Steph and Cash used to have friends with benefits arrangement in the past, until Steph fell in love with a woman and left him. Meeting her again after all this time, Cash feels his old needs rising to the surface again. He is really into Steph and his need to keep her in his bed and in his life is growing day by day.

Steph has a difficult pas, burned by her ex girlfriend and still suffering from a father that left her, she is not willing to risk her heart ever again. Casual hookups are fine, but romance is out of the question. So when Cash lets her know he wants more than just a friend with benefits, she has to decide what to do. Will she risk her heart again?

And what will happen with Cash’s cousin? He came out, but has no clue what it means to be gay. What do you do? Where do you meet some one? How do you act? Luckily Reese and Tom decide to join the party and teach him a few tricks of their own. They take the young man under their wing and teach him all he needs to know. But then he meets Rafael and he really likes him… What to do now?

I just really love the way Amy Jo Cousins writes these stories. The stories just suck you in and you cannot stop reading until the end, you just have to know how it ends and if everything works out the way it should. Part 4 is coming out soon and I know I just cannot wait to read it…..

Amy Jo’s personal website can be found here. You can buy this book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the Samhain website.

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