The History of Us

December 22, 2015

25080325The History of Us is the first YA novel I read by Nyrae Dawn, but if they are all this good it will certainly not be the last. This book is so emotional and so heart felt it will stay with you for days after you read it. I loved every page of it and I will certainly read it again and again in the future.

Bradley Collins is 18 years old and recently came out as gay. No problems there, his life goes on as usual. He has never met any other gay people, but why would he need them anyway. He’s got his friends and his sports so what more could he need?

TJ is a major film freak and he really likes Bradley. But when he tries to flirt with Bradley in front of his friends, Bradley flips out. Never has another guy flirted with him and most certainly not in front of his best friends. What would they be thinking?

Bradley decides to join TJ on a road trip for his senior project documentary. TJ has set out to record the history of gay America and wants to meet up with all kinds of people from all kinds of walks in life and record their story. By listening to their stories Bradley learns there is a whole lot more to his life then just coming out and be done with it. He needs to be honest with himself and others to be able to make some sort of life for himself. Bradley must figure out who he really is and who he really wants to be before that is all possible.

TJ is with him every step of the way and tries to support him in the best way he can. TJ is very attracted to Bradley and isn’t afraid to show him but he also knows that Bradley needs time to deal with his personal stuff first.

Slowly but surely Bradley is also falling for TJ and learns a lot about himself in the process. But will he be able to fully accept himself and deal with whatever comes their way? Is there any hop for TJ and Bradley in the future?

I really liked the combination of the Bradley/TJ story combined with the personal stories they learned on the road trip. Some of the stories were heartwarming, others were just sad and painful. I really admire this author for being able to write all this believable stories and weave them together in a clever way. Because this is a YA novel there isn’t going to be much sex, but that is ok. The story doesn’t need it and there is plenty of hugging and kissing to go around. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

You can find Nyrae Dawn’s personal site here. This book is for sale at Amazon¬†and Barnes & Noble.

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