The Hit List

January 17, 2016

25231550The Hit List is a novel by Anne Brooke, the first time I ever read anything by this author. And I am sorry to say, if all her books are like this, this will also be the last one I read. The book was so terribly slow and boring at points, I really had to fight to finish it.

Jamie Chadwick is straight, that is the one thing he is very sure of in his life. He is working very hard starting his own business and so far things are going fine. But one night an old friend from college, David Fenchurch, returns to town and throws his whole life upside down. David has decided he is gay, but not just that, he really goes overboard and is campier than camp. Together with Lucy Reid, a sexy physiotherapist, Jamies life is taking a turn he never thought possible.

And to make matters worse, an old family friend, Robert Trevelyan also returns to town. Robert is openly gay and once six years ago had a brief fling with Jamie. It never turned in to anything serious, but when Robert and David get together, Jamie cannot help but feel jealous. Feelings he has tried to hide for a long time are rising to the surface again and this time he might not want to keep them hidden.

The hit list in the title refers to a list that Jamie has written down, listing all the people in his life he wants to kill and the way he wants to kill them. It was never meant to be serious, but when Robert finds the list and reads it, Jamie might just be in trouble more than he wants to be.

Now I don’t mind the story that much, it has every potential of working out great. But the pace of the story was so incredibly slow, dragging in all kinds of insignificant details and other things, it was very hard to focus on the story. And really, Jamie was just plain stupid at some points. So many opportunities and chances and somehow he manages to miss them all and constantly choose the wrong thing to do. First it is charming, but soon it gets annoying and irritating.

The blurb on the front calls this book “a real page turner” but after reading the book I wonder who wrote this thing and what book they read. If slow stories are your thing, please read this book, but other wise you might want to skip it.

You can find Anne Brook’s personal site here. This book is for sale at Amazon.

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