The Little Things

July 21, 2018

I have actually blogged about this book before right here but it has now been republished with a different cover. The story is still the same, it’s only the cover that has changed.

The story was already heartbreaking in 2015, but in 2018 it is just as heartbreaking. I just could not finish this story without a few tears in my eyes, and that means it is a very good story.

Joel is gay, but a one night drunken affair with his best friend makes him a father and he loves his little girl Evie very much. Shared custody with Claire makes sure he sees Evie a lot and they are enjoying life. Joel even has a boyfriend Dan, so could life be any better?

Then one night misfortune strikes and leaves Evie without a mother and now permanently in the care of Joel, who has to learn to live without his best friend. His relationship with Dan is strained, but he needs to put his daughter first, even before Dan. In the end their relationship cracks and they both decide it is best to separate.

So now Joel is alone with his daughter and has to adjust to a new life. But meeting Liam might change that forever, if he is able to love again and give his heart to a stranger. And will Evie be able to cope with the whole changing situation?

When I started re reading this book I once again could not stop until the end. I just love the way Jay Northcote writes and I don’t think I have ever read anything by him that I didn’t like. Releasing a story again with a new cover every now and then seems to be working out, as it encourages people to read the same story again and again.

In Jay’s own words (from his personal blog) “One of my earliest published books, The Little Things, has just been re-released. Previously published by Dreamspinner Press, the rights are now back with me so I’ve self-published it under my own imprint, Jaybird Press. The book has been re-edited, but the only significant change is from American English into British English, and the new cover. There is no new or additional content.”

If you havent read this story when it came out originally, or even if you have (like I have) read it again. All the feels…….

Jay’s personal page can be found here. You can buy this story at Amazon.

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