The Little Things

February 8, 2015

18731063The Little Things is a book that really sucked me in when I read it. The story is somewhat different from what you would expect, but from the start it takes you in and demand that you finish it. I really enjoyed it.

Joel is a gay man, who got very drunk one night and spend the night with a woman. From that one night, Evie was born, his very own little girl that he would do anything for. Luckily the girls mother and Joel get along great and they share custody of Evie. Joel’s boyfriend Dan completes the picture and makes Joel feel very happy in his life.

Then one night something terrible happens and Joel is forced to become a full time father to Evie. Dan decides he never signed up for this and they break up. But then in a night of despair Joel meets Liam, a nurse in the local hospital and a very nice guy. Slowly Joel starts to see there is room for other people in his life, even though he really has to take care of Evie. She is number 1 on his list always.

Liam makes no secret of his attraction to Joel and he is great with Evie. But will Joel be able to open his heart again and let someone else in? Will he be able to love and trust again?

It seems I have been reading a lot of Northcote books lately, but for some reason I want to read everything she has written. The stories she writes are not your typical stories and I kind of like that. There is a lot of romance, a little sex, but always two people deeply in love and for some reason not able or willing to be together. But in the end, love always wins of course.

Once again, this book is highly recommended to everyone who loves romance and isn’t afraid of a little emotion.


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