The Music of the Spheres

March 19, 2016

28505073The Music of the Spheres is the new novel by Chase Potter and is all about two boys who are so apart from each other, yet need each other so badly. Both know what they want, but they need to find a way to get what they want and keep it safe.

Ryan Mattson is an athlete who suffered a loss in the family and is now trying to make it through high school. It should be an easy task to do, but there is a lot of things that can make it so difficult. Then he is paired with Adam for a school project. Adam is so different from him, but a friendship is formed soon enough. As the years pass along the bond between the boys is growing stronger and stronger and Adam is almost adopted as one of the family. Everyone feels the family has gained another member and the whole family takes a liking to Adam.

It all builds up to a point where Ryan must admit what Adam really means to him and risk losing it all. But where would you get in life without a little risk? And will Adam feel the same way or not? And what happens when the family is once again in crisis and one of their own might not make it to the end

Everyone who wants to read this book be warned. It is very very emotional and almost sure to make you cry. I know I cried my eyes out at some parts of it and that means a lot. The story is very well written and I could immediately connect to both boys. The story is very very highly recommended by me !

You can find Chase Potters personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon.

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