The Need to Touch – Stay True #1

May 2, 2015

The Need to Touch is a novel by Natalya Parks, the first time I ever read anything by her. I found the story to be reasonable, but a little bit on the predictable side for me.

Ryder Harrison has lived his whole life in a small Montana town, working on his family’s ranch and having a secret crush on his best friend Landon Pennington. But then one day his grandfather decides Ryder needs to go to college in California, as per his recently deceased mothers wishes. First time in the big city, Ryder feels completely lost. Until he meets Bentley Carter, a boy with enough problems of his own to deal with.

They end up being roommates, but slowly learn that the other person is not what they seemed to be and might just what they need in life to be stronger and survive. Together they go to everything life throws at them and must fight to survive.

Many times I had to stop myself from screaming at how naive Ryder could be in life. Everything was so clearly stated and yet he acted like he never noticed anything and never even saw another person up close or ever fell in love. The story was sweet and easy to read, but I could see almost anything coming a mile away. And of course all the usual cliches had to be there. The bi curious best friend, the anti gay family member and so on. Is it so hard to be original?

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