The Pack or the Panther – Tales of the Harker Pack #1

June 20, 2015

19450529Let me start by saying that this is a story about werewolfs and werepanthers. And anyone who knows me knows that I generally don’t read this kind of story, because it doesn’t please me. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I started it expecting not much, but it turned out much better than I thought. So even I can learn something.

Werewolfs have been living with humans for a very long time, always hiding and living in secret. They have their own society and their own rules. The land is divided among families and sometimes a war starts between families. Cole Harker is the son of an alpha werewolf, bigger and more powerful than any other werewolf and destined to be the next leader of the pack. And o yeah, he is also gay. However, werewolves believe that there is no such thing as a gay werewolf. Cole has therefore kept things private and always did what the family asked him to do. He will even go so far as to marry a female werewolf to secure a family alliance.

But then he meets the brides half brother Paris Marketo, a panther shifter and simply the most beautiful man he has ever seen. And right then and there, Cole decides he wants something for himself for the very first time.

His bride runs off at the last moment to be with a human and Cole decides to take a chance with Paris. However, Paris has always kept himself far from werewolfs and werewolf politics, wanting nothing to do with it. So he rejects Cole and wants nothing to do with him.

Cole discovers there are some dangerous criminals after Paris, because he is so special. And a simple dispute almost turns out in to a complete war. Will Cole be able to safe the day and get the panther?

The story is very catchy and very easy to read. Once I started it, I could not stop reading until the end. Tara Lain has a way with words that I like very much and that takes you away into the story so easily. All the werewolf stuff is there, but it is not the most important part of the story. The one thing I always hate about shifter stories is the emphasis on “look what kind of fantastic thing I can do” part, leaving all other things behind. Well not so much in this novel, so I recommend this one to everyone, even if you don’t like this kind of story.

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