The Price

May 5, 2015

The Price is the latest novel by Andrew Grey. I have read some of his work in the past and so far enjoyed it. This book is no different. The story is simple, easy and sweet. But sometimes that is all you want on a day like today.

Hunter Wolf is a high payed male escort in Las Vegas. His body is in great shape and the clients are lining up for him. But he has never known true love in life and his heart is closed of. He will give the client what he or she wants, but they will never see the true nature of his feelings. Until he meets Grant.

Grant is an elementary school teacher and he knows Hunter from way back when they were still in school together. They meet up in a club where Grant is on a bad date and Hunter came to relax. Pretty soon their friendship is back and feelings start sparking up. At first Grant doesn’t know about the work Hunter is in and that they share a common past with addicted parents. But when they decide to try a real relationship will Grant be able to deal with the line of work Hunter is in. Hunter is unable or unwilling to give up just yet, but if he really wants to be with Grant he needs to make a choice.

Are they willing to pay the price that comes with being together or not?

There is not much drama in this book and you can see the choices coming a mile away, but I liked the book. A nice, quick and easy read.


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