The Rexwood Murders: Halloween won’t be fun for you anymore

August 22, 2015

25694172The Rexwood Murders was sent to me by the author, requesting a review. And I am glad to give one. As you may have guessed this book is not one I would usually read, but I was pleasantly surprised. This book would fall in the YA category I think.

Fifteen years ago a terrible fire destroyed a house in Rexwood, killing a family of four and leaving the small village with a big scar and a lot of things to answer for. The house were the family lived still stands but has been empty for a long time.

Then Halloween comes around and things will change around town. Brandon Jones hates Halloween, but when his parents decide to host the annual Halloween bash for their friends and neighbors, he escapes the house and decides to spend the night in an old abandoned mansion in his neighborhood. He enters, wanders into one of the rooms and falls asleep on one of the beds.

What Brandon doesn’t know is that another group of teenagers also decides to spend the night in the house. They also enter the house and start wandering around and looking at all the creepy things they can find. Pretty soon some of them pair off and decide to make out in one of the rooms in the house.

But what no one knows, they are not the only ones walking around in the house. Something else is in there with them and pretty soon everyone is in danger. Bodies start piling up and the group is forced to work together to stop the killer, escape from the house and make sure everyone is safe.

I admit I have never heard of this series or this author, but this one is going on my to follow list for sure. It took me a little time to get into the story, but once you do it is impossible to stop and you just have to know how it ends. If you like murder stories and suspense, this is the one for you.

To my knowledge this author has no personal website, but this book can be bought on Amazon here.

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