The Truth as He Knows It – Perspectives #1

May 10, 2015

The Truth as He Knows It is part 1 in the Perspectives series by A.M. Arthur. It is all about two people from completely different parts of town and walks of life, who find each other in unlikely circumstances and somehow work very well together. Of course they will have to fight through a lot of trouble to get there.

In this first story we meet Officer Noel Carson, who is gay but hasn’t told anyone just yet. He is afraid of becoming the laughing boy on the force and he doesn’t want that. Until he meets Shane. Shane is a poor kid from the wrong side of the track trying to make ends meet with all kinds of weird jobs. One of them is being a male stripper on parties. One of those parties ends a bit wrong for him and he finds himself tied to a bed. But Officer Carson is there to safe him.

Shane has no time for a serious relationship but he can always find time for some casual sex, can’t he? So he meets up with Noel and they spend a few hours together. But in those few hours they form a bond stronger than anything either one of them has ever felt. Could they make this work?

In a desperate attempt to clear the debt he has, Shane turns to means that are not quite legal. But it will only be a few times and then it will end. And he doesn’t have to tell Noel about it, does he?

A.M. Arthur has also written the Cost of Repairs series, which are based around the same subject of cops and “robbers” and this series is meant as a sort of follow up on these novels.

I read this story with great pleasure and I really think the story works in a great way. I could really relate with Noel and Shane, and I really wanted them to find each other. Shane isn’t always the smartest kid around, but I can imagine you would make difficult choices in times like these.

You can find A.M. Arthurs personal blog here for more information on her books.

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