Their Natural Habitat – The Forestry Series #2

July 29, 2015

21021540Their Natural Habitat is part 2 in The Forestry Series by Silvia Violet and takes us back to the story of Dan and Parker. After what happened in part 1 Dan and Parker are together and decide to spend the tim Dan is there together. Dan moved in with Parker in his cabin and they are happy together.

Dan and Parker want to spend time together, but bear baiters are around and they keep Parker busy and away from Dan. Dan is constantly worried that Parker will get hurt, angry for not spending time together and afraid their relation cannot take the strain it is under right now.

Dan and Parker both know that Dan’s time in the forest will end some time and they have to decide what to do then? One of them has to give up his job and move away to be with the other, but who will it be. Both men love what they do and are unwilling to give up so soon.

Can they find a way to be together in the end? Will their relation be able to take the lack of time together, the constant worrying and dangers all around the forest?

This story is only 35 pages long so again there is not that much room to go into things. Personally that makes me feel bad. With a few more pages the story could have been so much deeper and better. Problems are now solved within half a page as if they were never that important. I don’t think that is how it works in reality.

At the moment it is unknown if there will be more parts to this story, but I cannot imagine there is more to this story. They are together, they are happy and live happily ever after. I guess that will have to do….

This story can be read in about an hour so don’t expect to much…

You can buy the story at Amazon.


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