Threefold Love

August 23, 2015

25163547Threefold Love is a novel by Ki Brightly and was sent to me by the author herself, after reading some of my reviews. And all I can say is WOW, I am glad she did. I loved the story and I very much want more. The story is a little weird and deals with Wicca and threesomes, but if that is your thing than this story is the one for you.

Xavier Hobbs is a decommissioned combat engineer, recently out of the army. He is gay, but we all know how that works out in the military. So most of the time he was very lonely and still is. All he wants is real love, a home and a real life. But now he is a civilian again and he drifts.

He manages to find a part time job at a high school, tending the grounds and doing all kinds of small things. Secretly he is lusting after Andrew Landry, the English teacher at the school. But he is afraid to do anything with it, so the days pass by.

But then one day Andrew looses his keys, Xavier finds them and they strike up a conversation. They bond over coffee and soon have very interesting conversations. But is Andrew really flirting with him or is it just his imagination? Xavier only dares to hope.

Andrew invites Xavier over for a drink and Xavier thinks this could be their first date. But then he meets Duncan McNeil who turns out to be Andrews fiance. Xavier thinks all his lost, but Andrew and Duncan might just have other plans. Will Xavier be able to deal with that? And when they reveal they are both Wiccans and part of a coven, Xavier is really in for a ride. What will he do?

I must say I really really enjoyed this book. And I will make it my personal mission to find out what special kind of coffee is served in the coffee shop. This author will definitely go on my to follow list and I really want to read more of her work. Keep your eye on this one boys and girls, she is going to go far.

And Ki is also a fellow reviewer on her own blog that you can find right here. This book is for sale at Amazon and Dreamspinner Press.

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