Top Me Maybe?

August 30, 2015

25548075Top Me Maybe is a book by Jay Northcote. It is a nice and sweet short story about hidden desires and asking for the things you want. It predates the book All Man that I read before, so some of the characters are the same. Both books can be read separately though.

Tyler has a new boyfriend, Duncan. Duncan is cop and everything Tyler ever wanted. Tall, broad and very very manly. For the slightly feminine Tyler it is a match made in heaven. But Duncan has one secret desire he wants to discuss with Tyler, but is afraid to do so.

So one night they start talking about sexual fantasies. What would you like to do or have done to you if it were possible? Duncan decides this is his chance to get his wish out in the open.

Luckily for him, Tyler is very into his wish and only to happy to make it happen. It will take some work and getting used to, but in the end both men will be better because of it.

A small excerpt from the story:

“What do you want to talk about?”

Tyler thought for a moment then answered, “Sexual fantasies.” They hadn’t had that conversation yet. Not in any detail anyway.

“Okay.” Duncan sounded a little dubious. “You can go first then. Seeing as it’s your idea.”

“God. I have loads… where to start? Okay, one of mine is deflowering a Catholic priest or a monk or something—someone who’s taken a vow of celibacy, but in the fantasy I’m so hot they can’t resist me.” Tyler’s cheeks heated at the admission, but somehow it was easier having this conversation in the dark when Duncan couldn’t see his face. “Another is having sex in public…. Not in the park or something—that would be a bit skeevy—but somewhere people have come expecting to see it, like a live sex show. Or maybe being in porn, knowing that people were watching me and jerking off watching me fucking someone else…. That would be hot.” He stopped because Duncan hadn’t reacted. “Well? It’s your turn now.”

“I feel really boring in comparison,” Duncan said. “Your imagination is wild.”

This story is not really complicated, it is just sweet and fun. But there is a message in it, you should never be afraid to ask for what you want. No matter what your wishes or desires are, a good partner should always understand and try to make it come true if possible.

This story written by Jay Northcote is part of a project formed with other talented writers: Posy Roberts, Teegan Loy and Annabelle Jacobs. Each author wrote a short story that will be published within a week of each other. Hence the title “Sexy Secrets Shorts”  Feel free to check out the other stories as well.

You can find Jay Northcotes personal website here. This story is for sale at Amazon and Amazon UK.

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