March 25, 2015

Ugly is a novel by Mark Roeder in his long running Gay Boys series. When I first started reading M-M romance I was really quite taken by Roeder novels and I really loved them.

But the more I read of them, the more they start to annoy me. They are so wrong and unbelievable on many levels. First of all, literally everyone is gay or at the very least bi. Every single guy is drop dead gorgeous, bulky and muscled. Everyone is good at sports and all the pretty boys also like each other and pare off together. Some boys are like 16 years old or so, but they already know for sure they are gay and have already met the love of their life and are determined to stay with them for the rest of their lives.

I mean honestly, how big are the odds of finding a town with at least 75 % gay people in the ages of 16 to 25?

But very well, back to this novel. In this story we meet Julian. He is the son of the local funeral home owner and he is convinced he is ugly and will never find a friend let alone a “special” friend. He tries out for the soccer team and to his amazement he makes the team. But of course the whole team is filled with pretty, muscular and very manly boys. Julian doesn’t know where to look and has trouble controlling his feelings.

And then one day he starts receiving letters from a secret admirer. He has no idea who it is, but decides to write back. Soon they start a correspondence and get to know each other through their letters. Will it grow to something more or not?

The one thing that really really made me angry with this book is the suicide part. Two boys commit suicide because they love each other and don’t feel accepted. Ofcourse that is a terrible thing, but Roeder doesn’t spend more than a few lines on the subject. No explanation, no letters, no nothing. It just happens and the day after everyone is back to normal and life goes on. Luckily I have never experienced such a thing, but I cannot imagine no body would care and everyone just lets it slide and goes on with life.

So I am very sorry, but I will have to limit my Mark Roeder books to a minimum. I really hopes he writes better books in the future.

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