Unfortunate Son – Sons #1

June 15, 2015

23782907Unfortunate Son is the first part in the Sons series by Shae Connor and it might be a little hard to read. The book is about porn and I have to tell you there is a LOT of porn in this book. So if you don’t like porn, you might want to skip this book.

Evan Day used to be in the military and 5 years ago lost his lover in the sand of some foreign country. That causes a lot of trouble making him loose his career and family in the proces. He moves far away and becomes the popular porn star Trevor Hardball. He thinks he can make his pain and sorrow go away with porn, but of course that doesn’t work.

One day he meets Riley Yeats in a bar and something awakens in him, something he thought long gone and dead. Riley is definitely not his usual type, but there is something about him that makes Evan have crazy feelings.

Suddenly Evan’s family tries to reconnect with him and it turns out Riley has some family issues of his own to work through. Unfortunate events get Evan’s mother in the hospital and Evan makes one bad decision after the other. Even Riley is about to give up because it is just to much trouble for what it’s worth. But Evan is not about to let that happen and finally he fights for what he wants, what he needs and what he deserves. Evan turns out to be so much stronger than anyone ever thought possible.

Like anyone else I have seen my fare share of porn but I have always wondered what goes on behind the scenes when there is no camera running and everyone can be themselves. Through this book we get a glimpse of that and it isn’t always pretty and glamorous. Porn stars are only human after all and they all have problems of their own. But everyone has to learn you can’t outrun your problems all the time and one day we all have to face them.

Before this book I never read anything by Shae Connor, but there will definitely be more. I really recommend this book !!

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